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Abel Seed Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder Camellia Oleifera UV Test

Abel Seed Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder Camellia Oleifera UV Test

  • Abel Seed Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder Camellia Oleifera UV Test
  • Abel Seed Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder Camellia Oleifera UV Test
Abel Seed Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder Camellia Oleifera UV Test
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Phytocare
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25kg/drum, 1kg/bag
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000kg/month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Tea Saponins Part Used: Seed
Source: Camellia Seed Application: Foam, Emulsifier, Detergent, Pesticides
Test Method: UV Specification: 60%, 80%
High Light:

Tea Saponins Organic Pesticides Powder


Abel Seed Organic Pesticides Powder


UV Test Tea Saponins Powder



Organic Pesticides Raw Material Camellia Oleifera Abel Seed Extract Tea Saponins

Product Tea Saponins
Botanical Source Camellia oleifera Abel
Ingredient Saponins Specification Min.60.0% UV
Origin China Reference no. /
Batch no. 20101502 Batch Qty 10,000kgs
MFG Date October 15, 2020 Expiry Date October 14, 2022
    Report Date October 16, 2020
Items Specification Result
Appearance Light yellow powder Complies
Particle size 80 Mesh Complies
Water Insoluble substances ≤0.5% 0.05%%
Ash ≤5.0% Complies
Loss on drying ≤6.0% 4.8%
PH 5.0-7.0 5.6
Saponins Min. 60% UV 75.88% UV
Surface tension 30-40mN/m 32.86mN/m
Foaming Ability 160-190mm 188mm
Pb Max. 2.0ppm Complies
Heavy Metals Max. 10.0ppm Complies
Conclusion QUALIFIED
Packing 10kg/bag
Storage Keep in cool dry place, avoid sun and heat.
Shelf Life 2 years from original packing condition.



Tea saponin (belong to saponin family), is one kind of glycoside compound, which is extracted from camellia seeds. It is not only effective in decontamination, foaming, emulsification, decentralization and saturation, but also with function of diminishing inflammation, easing pain and resisting epiphyte, which is widely used in food, drink, chemical, medicine, pesticide, rubber, film, building materials, extinguish material, hair care products and so on. So, tea saponin can also be named: surfactant, woemulsion, detergent, pesticide, foaming agent and antiabrasive agent.


Main Function:
1. Emulsifier: The tea saponin paraffin emulsifier(TS-80 emulsifier) has been widely used in building board industry. Because of small granularity emulsion, level off degree and good stability ,the emulsion's character is much better than general emulsifier such as: alkyl sodium sulfonate, sodium oleate and ammonium oleate.
2. Detergent: It is a natural nonionic surfactants, be non-poisonous compound after enzymolysis, which can avoid polluting the environment. Tea saponin is a strong decontamination without limitation of Water hardness. Be made shampoo to protect hair, wash hair, eliminate inflammation and stop itching. When it is used as detergent to wash cloth, woolen sweater and fabric, it possesses not only cleansing ability, but also make the cloth fadeless, fresh, bright and soft.
3. Foam: With strong ability of absorbing carbon dioxide, tea saponin not only can be used as foam for foam rubber in rubber industry, for foam fire extinguisher in fire industry, but also can be replacement of other industry material, such as foam stabilizer in concrete industry to deduct manufacturing cost, accelerating-foam for cold drink and beer industry.
4. Pharmaceuticals: With function of relieving a cough and dispelling phlegm, tea saponin can stimulate human windpipe mucous membrane, increase secretion. It can also be used as diuretic and medicating emulsifier.
5. Biology pesticide: it can also be used as nature and organic pesticide in agriculture industry.

Plant Extracts List
Plant Source Active Ingredient CAS No. Specifications
Ampelopsis grossedentata Extract Dihydromyricetin 27200-12-0 98%
Andrographis Paniculate Extract Andrographolide 5508-58-7 98%
Artemisia Annua Extract Artemisinin 63968-64-9 >99%
Apple Tree Root&Bark Extract Phloretin 60-82-2 98%
Apple Tree Root&Bark Extract Phloridzin 60-81-1 50%, 98%
Astragalus Extract Astragaloside IV 84687-43-4 98%
Astragalus Extract Cycloastragenol 84605-18-5 98%
Bitter Orange Extract Synephrine 95-07-5 10%, 50%, 90%
Centella Asiatica Extract Asiaticoside 16830-15-2 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 95%
Centella Asiatica Extract Madecassoside 34540-22-2 60%, 90%
Chryanthemum Parthenium Extract Parthenolide 2-554-84-1 98%
Citrus Aurantium Extract Hesperetin 520-33-2 90%, 95%, 98%
Coleus Forskohlli Extract Forskolin 66575-29-9 10%, 20%
Cordyceps sinensis extract Polysacchrides, Cordycepin 73-03-0 10%, 1%
Echinacea pururea Extract Chicory acid, Polyphenols   1%, 4%, 7%
Eleutherococcus Extract Powder Eleutheroside B & E / 0.8%
Green Tea Extract Polyphenols 84650-60-2 30%, 50%, 90%, 95%, 98%
Green Tea Extract EGCG 989-51-5 98%
Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract Astaxanthin 472-61-7 2%,5% Powder, 2% CWS, 10% Oil
Honeysuckle Flower Extract Chlorogenic acid 223749-79-9 5%, 10%, 25%
Humulus lupulu Extract Xanthohumol 6754-58-1 3%, 10%, 98%


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